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ViewPoint 2 from DXO is a photo editing software package that allows you to correct distortion, perspective, and deformed proportions along the edges of your photos easily. It works especially well with photos taken with wide-angle lenses, which usually have distorted edges. When using ViewPoint 2, anchor points are placed on parts of an image that should be straightened or be on the same level. ViewPoint 2 provides a loupe tool so you can precisely place your anchor points, and slider controls allow you to precisely adjust the corrections.
This second version of ViewPoint has almost 15,000 camera and lens profile combinations included in its DxO Optics Modules, letting you automatically apply optical corrections based on your specific equipment. It also adds an 8-point mode allowing you to correct the perspective of multiple planes in the same image, along with a "natural" setting to adjust the intensity of your corrections. This version also includes a new advanced cropping mode and extended compatibility with Adobe Elements and Apple Aperture.
ViewPoint 2 can be used as a standalone application or be used as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, and Apple Aperture. It is compatible with Mac and PC computers and can be installed on two separate computers.

Fix Perspectives

This feature helps you restore a natural look to your landscape, architectural, and urban photos. Specify the lines you want to straighten and ViewPoint 2 will correct them automatically. You can also use the advanced settings to refine the corrections. Recreate the original shapes of buildings, converge vertical and horizontal lines so they become parallel while unnatural-looking facades regain their normal appearance. Viewpoint 2 adds an 8-point mode, allowing you to correct the perspective for multiple planes in the same image by placing independent horizontal and vertical guidelines.

Optics Modules

ViewPoint 2 adds laboratory calibrations to adapt their software to almost 15,000 camera and lens combinations, enabling it to provide accurate corrections for each type of distortion.

Correct Distortions of People in Photos

People can become distorted in photos when there isn't enough distance between the photographer and the subject, especially indoors when you have space constraints. ViewPoint 2 allows you to restore the natural proportions of the people on the edges of your photos with just one click. With the additional "natural" setting, you can adjust the intensity of the corrections to achieve a more realistic image.

Straighten the Horizon

Restore equilibrium to your photos by straightening out an unintentionally tilted horizon. The natural visual cues are put back in their proper place and your eyes can once again enjoy an image with a precisely-leveled horizon line. Conversely, you can use this tool to creatively change the orientation of the horizon, according to your own preference.

Modify the Angle of Your Shot

ViewPoint 2 lets you fine-tune the position of your camera even after you've already taken the photo. Virtually shift the angle at which you shot your photo. The shift point of view tool lets you change your shooting angle in post-production so that it is perfectly in line with the image you want to produce. You can reposition your camera vertically as well as horizontally.

Correct Distortion

You can correct lens distortions such as barrel, pincushion or fisheye using Viewpoint 2's Optics Modules. After correcting distortion, you can then correct the perspective as well, making for an accurate undistorted image.

Automatically Crop Your Photos

ViewPoint 2 adds a new crop mode that allows you to keep the maximum visible field in your photos regardless of the corrections you apply. You can correct perspectives, straighten the horizon, and shift the point of view while the automatic cropping feature systematically optimizes the visible field. You can also manually correct the crop using a standard or customized ratio to highlight what you want. Use the composition grid and the loupe tool to adjust your corrections with precision.

Use as a Standalone Application or a Plugin

ViewPoint 2 allows you to directly apply corrections to your photos using it as a standalone application or as a plugin. You can launch ViewPoint 2, open the photos you want to change and make your corrections in just a few clicks. Or, you can streamline your work flow by opening ViewPoint 2 as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and now also Elements, and Apple Aperture.


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