DxO OpticsPro 10 Essential Edition (DVD)

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Offering rich raw file conversion capabilities, along with a versatile set of editing controls, OpticsPro 10 Essential Edition from DxO helps to expedite the beginning stages of post-processing in an intuitive and efficient manner. Intelligent denoising technology works to minimize the appearance of noise and provide enhanced detail with natural color rendition, while DxO Smart Lighting also contributes to sound control over colors, tones, and exposure. Beyond emphasizing the color, contrast, and tonal qualities, OpticsPro also emphasizes its ability to correct for numerous optical anomalies using equipment-specific profiles to eliminate distortions, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations from photographs. Serving as an ideal first step in the post-production process, this software also collaborates closely with Lightroom in order to promote a highly efficient all-around workflow.
Set within an intuitive interface, this program can also be configured to place all of the most used controls and tools within designated areas using a fully customizable workspace option. This item is one license, which can be installed and activated on up to two different computers.

Denoising Technology

Helping to preserve detail when minimizing the appearance of digital noise in JPEGs and raw files, intelligent denoising technology works to maintain faithful color saturation in shadow regions to produce more realistic and pleasing results despite working in difficult shooting conditions. This technology works to average different pixel values in order to improve effective noise levels for cleaner imagery.

The interface for applying noise reduction has also been redesigned to afford a larger denoising preview area with easy-to-navigate palette-based controls.

Optical Corrections

Based on lab-tested equipment calibrations, more than 20,000 camera and lens combinations have been tested in order to account for any optical distortions or anomalies caused by common tools used by most photographers. These automated corrections help to control vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and various distortions, as well as even out image sharpness from edge-to-edge.

Additionally, helping to further accentuate sharpness and vividness in imagery, a Lens Softness tool can be used to reduce artifacts and preserve colors when increasing the sharpness in order to produce consistently natural-appearing imagery.

DxO Smart Lighting

Extending the apparent dynamic range by bringing out more details within the shadow regions and controlling highlights, Smart Lighting works to even out details throughout the various tonal and light ranges. This tool can be used to automatically alter the contrast and exposure of an image by intelligently analyzing scene content, or manual control is also possible using selective sliders to adjust tonal, contrast, and brightness response.

Other Corrective and Editing Tools

  • Selective tone editing permits fine-tuning of a range of light values, including adjustment of the highlights, mid-tones, shadows, and blacks.
  • Dedicated image tools are available, including white balance, exposure compensation, contrast, and color accentuation controls.
  • Maintaining the accuracy of saturated colors, OpticsPro can automatically protect and colors close to clipping for a greater effective dynamic range.
  • For further adjustment over exposure and color, style/toning, tone curve, and HSL (hue/saturation/luminance), tools are available for a greater range of control.
  • Raw conversion capabilities permit demosaicing of a wide variety of raw file formats for further editing.

Productivity and Efficiency

  • Rounding out a complete digital workflow, OpticsPro can closely collaborate with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in order to reap the main benefits from both programs. With OpticsPro, you can extract raw image files from Lightroom catalogs, and then just as easily re-import them after processing while maintaining a non-destructive workflow.
  • Full support for DNG files is available, assuming the original unconverted raw file is also supported, in order to sustain a complete workflow with Adobe editing programs.
  • Batch processing allows you to simultaneously process a series of images with the same corrections needed.
  • Besides exporting files back to their original location or to Lightroom, photos can also be saved to different hard drives, other applications, or directly to Facebook and Flickr. Additionally, files can also be exported to multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Presets can be created and saved for greater efficiency when making repeatable edits to images.
  • The workspace layout is customizable and allows the user to group palettes based on preference.
  • White Balance and Dust tools can be used together within a single image display, including when working in full-screen mode, to offer greater editing efficiency and more precision.
  • A simplified interface places all controls within easy reach and Optics Modules do not display any unnecessary information unless they need to be downloaded, are missing, or if there is ambiguity regarding resolution.
  • Enhanced processing capabilities help to expedite launch times and file loading times for a faster overall workflow.
  • This license permits installing and activating this software on up to two different computers.