Multiblitz - 3 Compactlite - 200 W/S Monolights,

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The Multiblitz Compactlite Deluxe 3-Monolight Lighting Kit provides a total of 200 w/s of light output, which is perfect for portrait work or small product displays on the go.  You'll also get reflectors, umbrellas, light stands, a sync cord, and a padded case.  Multiblitz is known for professional quality.

Multiblitz produces monolights with a compact design that's ideal as a flash for mobile professionals and amateurs.  Their power ratings are honest, and their modelling lights use halogen bulbs to burn brighter and endure longer.  Each monolight has a built-in slave which will fire the monolight from any pulse of light as well as from an optional infrared transmitter.  The included umbrellas soften and broaden the light output from the flash heads, and the light stands support the flash heads along with the umbrella or reflector in place.  The included padded travel case has moveable internal dividers and is suitable for both storage and mobile protection.

Professional Quality
Multiblitz is a name synonymous with top quality lighting.
Compact Design
The ideal studio flash for pros and amateurs alike - at home and on the go.  Perfect for portrait and small product applications.
High Power
Yields 200 w/s of power from each monolight.
Modelling Light
The halogen modelling lights burn brighter and last significantly longer than a non-halogen incandescent bulb.
Built-in Slave
Optical, "sees" the light from other flash units.
Also accepts wireless infrared triggering from optional transmitter (MUSEN)mounted on-camera.
Soften and broaden the light from the flash heads.
Light Stands
Support the flash heads and added accessories.
Travel Case
Padded, with move-able interior dividers. Protection for storage or transport.
Maximum Watt/Seconds 200 w/s
Guide Number 154, in feet @ 100 ISO, with FILNOS 60° reflector
Recycle Time Minimum 3 sec., maximum 5.5 sec.
Flash Duration (t 0.5) 1/750 sec.
Flash Variability 2 F-Stops, Full to 1/2 power, 200 to 100 w/s
User Replaceable Flashtube Yes (ECOROW)
Changeable Reflector Yes
Modeling Light Wattage 60W (FILHAL1)
Voltage Stabilization +/- 0.8%
Flash Ready Indicator Ready Light
Operating Voltage 110-125 Volts AC 60hz
Built-in Slave Cell Yes, Accepts Strobe and Infrared Signals
Circuit Protection Fuse
Fan Cooled No
Auto Dump No


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