Multiblitz - PROKIT-6 2 600 W/S Profilux Monolight

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The Multiblitz Profilux 600 2-Monolight Lighting Kit provides a total of 1200 w/s of compact light output, and features a rapid flash duration that's perfect for catching action with digital cameras.  You get a pair of fan-cooled Profilux 600 monolights, reflectors, umbrellas, light stands, a sync cord, and a padded case.  Multiblitz is known for professional quality, and the Profilux 600 is compact for its strong power output.  With the strength of these monolights, you can shoot at smaller apertures and lower ISO settings than would be possible with lower-powered lights.

The Multiblitz Profilux monolight's compact design is ideal for mobile or studio work.  Its power rating is honest, and the modelling lights uses a halogen bulb to burn brighter and endure longer.  The Profilux 600 has a built-in slave which will fire the monolight from any pulse of light as well as from an optional infrared transmitter.  Power adjustment is stepless across a 4 f/stop range, and the Type P bayonet used is the same for all Multiblitz products for over two decades.  The great display makes it easy to see how much power you've got at the moment.

4 F-Stop Range
Features stepless, variable power control.
Power Display
Large potentiometer with easy to read division. 
The controls are color coded to locate them effortlessly.
Auto Dump
Allows access to lower power selections without the need to manually dump a higher power first.
Fast Flash Duration
Captures motion crisply.
Fast Recycling
With extremely fast recycling, the Profilux series of lights will always be ready when the photographer is.
Modeling Light
Halogen modeling lights burn brighter and last significantly longer than a non-halogen incandescent bulb.
Built-in Slave
Long-Range,with IR function, optical and acoustic slave.
Flash Ready Indication
Optical and acoustic firing monitor.
Compact Design
This unit is in a stylish, extremely rugged plastic housing.
Features an ergonomic handle for ease of adjustment and transport.
Bayonet Mount
Patented Type P reflector bayonet mount. Compatible with all MultiBlitz accessories for the past 20 years.
Flash Mount
Has a novel tilt head with sure-grip brake and 5/8" socket.
Fan Cooled
Increased protection during the most demanding applications.
Light Stands
Compact, yet sturdy, to support the flash head with accessories.
Travel Case
For storage and transport of flash heads, and accessories.