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After a few hours of hiking across rugged terrain, raising your cherished firearm up to shooting position can seem like quite a chore. Even feather-weight rifles seem to weigh a ton at the end of a full day out on the trails. The Performance Sling from Op/Tech USA significantly enhances your outdoor experience by reducing the stress and strain on your shoulder and back. The stretchy neoprene material performs as a shock-absorber, while the comfortable contoured shoulder pad keeps your rifle from shifting around. The interior of the neoprene shoulder pad features a non-skid texture that keeps the rifle secure while carrying and for slinging-up for offhand shooting

This Performance Sling is black, and it is designed to be worn on the right shoulder.

  • Black strap with right shoulder contour
  • Fully adjustable simplified attachment system
  • Neoprene material conforms to shoulder contours, evenly distributes weight
  • Non-skid surface is secure, while providing enhanced stabilization for offhand shooting