OP/TECH USA 1601512 Mirror-Less Sling (Black)

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The black Mirrorless Sling with Mini-QD Extension from OP/TECH USA offers unparalleled comfort and convenience when shooting with a mirrorless camera or small DSLR. It allows the camera to be carried discretely at the side yet the camera glides easily up the strap into a shooting position.

The Mirrorless Sling can be worn on the left or right shoulder. The camera is attached to the front Mini QD Loop connector so that when raised into shooting position the strap is out of the way. The sling can be attached using only this one connector if desired; however, the Mini QD Extension can be used as a security tether, which can easily be attached to the other side of the camera for added peace of mind. When attached properly, the strap will be out of the way when in the shooting position. When not being used as an extra security tether, the Mini QD Extension can be utilized for adding an extra 6 to 9 inches to the primary attachment point for a longer configuration with the single-point connection option.

  • Includes an additional Mini QD Extension for use as either a security lanyard or as a 6 to 9 inch sling strap extension
  • Neoprene pad with non-skid surface detaches from adjustable sling strap
  • Easy to attach to your camera with two included Mini QD Loops
  • Sling strap is fully adjustable from 42 to 52 inches