Ilford GALERIE Prestige High Gloss Sample Photo Papers (8.5 x 11", 5 Sheets)

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The 8.5 x 11" GALERIE Prestige High Gloss Sample Photo Papers from ILFORD come in a pack of 5 sheets. These papers feature a glossy surface on a film base, creating the look of a metallic media. The dimensionally stable, tear- and crease-resistant base is coated with a proprietary inkjet receiving layer that offers a broad color gamut, instant drying, and vibrant colors with real depth.

These GALERIE Prestige high glossy papers are capable of creating eye-catching images with enhanced definition and extended tonal range for good quality, professional photo look. These nanoporous media papers are designed to provide images with a real photo look and finish, which are dry to touch directly after printing. These papers are designed for use with both desktop and wide-format inkjet printer systems using either aqueous dye or pigment inks.

Note: To achieve optimum results when using Smooth High Gloss media, the use of dye inks are recommended. If pigment inks are used they may lead to a matting of the surface in areas of high ink load. Some printers allow the use of gloss optimizers that can reduce this effect.

  • High gloss surface
  • Polyester film base
  • Instant dry
  • Professional quality inkjet
  • Good photographic image quality and consistency
  • Film based media for inkjet prints with an ILFOCHROME look
  • Compatible with all good quality pigment and dye based inkjet printers
  • Suitable for high-end photography and commercial presentations
  • Suitable for portraits, weddings, commercial portfolios, and exhibitions

Note:The life expectancy of the inkjet media is influenced by humidity, light, and the ink being used. At higher light levels or humidity, one should expect a shorter life expectancy than at a low light level or humidity. Some inkjet printer inks also offer poor stability when compared with others. When storing and handling prints at the extremes of the environmental range of <10 and >70% relative humidity, performance and permanence may be reduced. Print lifetimes will be significantly longer when using pigmented inks rather than dye based inks.


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