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12.5" Articulating Friction Arm

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The 11” Dot Line Corp Articulating Friction Arm is suitable for use with the Pico Dolly. The arm features an all-metal construction in every segment and has a variety of camera mounting options.

The arm has 2 machined metal sections. The lower section has a locking accessory shoe mount. You can remove the shoe mount and it with either a 1/4 x 20 female or male thread as per your requirement.

It features a head that rotates 360° and tilts 90°. The upper half of the arm rotates 360°. The ball on the lower half of the arm rotates 360° and tilts 90°. Removing the knurled segment below this ball reveals a 1/4 to 20 male thread. The other end of the segment has a female 1/4-20 thread and below which there is a standard accessory foot. The single knob on the side locks the ball joint.

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