Savage Modmaster Collapsible Beauty Dish (47")

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With its soft but crisp quality of light and natural-looking catchlights reflected in the eyes of the subject, the beauty dish has become a favorite of portrait, fashion, hair and make-up photographers. But the problem was always transporting these reflectors. With its collapsible design making for fast setup and break down, the 47" Modmaster Collapsible Beauty Dish from Savage is the solution. The dish has 16 inner support rods that give it a virtually round shape that is conducive to feathering and offers moderate directional control. Three types of diffusion offer contrast options. The included deflector receives the full force of the flash head's output and redirects it to fill the dish evenly to its outer edges, thus eliminating the hot spot. Next comes the removable inner diffuser that softens the light further, and finally, the removable front diffuser for a soft, flattering quality of light. You have the option of using them in any combination or not at all. The reflective silver interior maximizes output.

The included fabric grid offers another lighting option by containing spill light and narrowing the beam spread to selectively light areas of your subject and keep stray light from your background. The Modmaster has a Bowens adapter for flash heads with this popular front accessory mount. Adapters for other types of heads are available separately. A carrying bag is included for storage and transport.


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