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Quantum Instruments Qnexus is the ultimate wireless bridge to link a Quantum Qflash with a Canon or Nikon wireless flash system. The Qnexus is a plug-in receptor compatible with Canon or Nikon infrared (IR) code beamed wirelessly. When mounted to a Qflash5d-R, manual, automatic, TTL, and TTL-Ratio, flash modes are accepted by the Qnexus. This wireless system allows a user to seamlessly command and group, one or more Qflash 5d-r's from the camera's master flash menu at a distance of 100-200' (30-60 m.)

  • Compatible Flash Systems:

Nikon SU-800 iTTL, Man 1 - 4 A, B
Nikon SB-800 iTTL, Auto, Man 1 - 4 A, B, C
Nikon D70 (build in Speedlight) iTTL, Auto, Man 3 A
Nikon D200 (build in Speedlight) iTTL, Auto, Man 1 - 4 A, B
Canon ST-E2 ETTL 1 - 4 A, B
Canon 550EX ETTL, Man 1 - 4 A, B, C
Canon 580EX ETTL, Man 1 - 4 A, B, C

  • Supports Qflash 5d-r. Older model Qflash 4d or Qflash 5d can be upgraded by Quantum to be compatible with the Qnexus.