Broncolor Powerbox 900 With Charger

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Powerbox 900

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The Broncolor Powerbox 900 Battery Power Supply is a lead cell battery which works as an inverter to power most AC (mains operating) Broncolor and Visatec monolights. (See Compatibility spec for exceptions). The Powerbox is for mono heads with their own power source. Pack heads cannot be plugged directly into it. Up to 3 heads can be connected to the Powerbox for a total of 900W/s. With a single 300W/s head, up to 240 full power flashes are possible. The unit comes with a charger that displays 3 status levels; red (empty), yellow (quick charge), green (trickle charge). Full charge from empty is approximately 2.5 hours. LEDs on the pack indicate Low Battery (red) or Ready (green). Although you can charge this version of the Powerbox from a 110 - 240V source, it outputs 120V only and should only be used with multi-voltage or 120V heads.

  • True sinus output voltage
  • High efficiency
  • Precise stable voltage thresholds
  • Under / over voltage protection
  • Overload management
  • Low voltage shutdown
  • Less idle current consumption
  • Light weight
  • Precise crystal-controlled 50Hz frequency
  • Short circuit protection
  • Temperature-activated protective circuit
  • Soft-start function for loads with high inrush current



  • Battery and Inverter
  • Powers Bron/Visatec AC Monolights
  • Includes Charger
  • 240 Full Power 300W/s Flashes
  • 900W/s Capacity


  • Shoulder Strap
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty