Wimberley The Ground Plamp

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Ideal for macro photography, The Ground Plamp from Wimberley is an articulating arm with a maximum extension of 27". A ground spike stored in the Plamp's protective sheath allows you to position it by pushing it into the ground. It has a durable, nylon Plamp Clip at one end with a thumbscrew for precise adjustment from light to heavy pressure. The clip's jaws have an arched recess for cylindrical objects, foam jaw inserts for delicate objects and notches to grip reflectors or diffusers up to 12" in any position and up to 20" with positioning limitations.

Common Uses for the Ground Plamp


  • Change the orientation of your subject and turn an impossible camera angle into an easy one
  • Hold reflectors, diffusers, and small lighting units
  • Steady wind-blown plants for ambient light photography
  • Move your subject so that it is in front of a desired background
  • Move distracting background or foreground elements out of the way
  • Move desirable background or foreground elements into the picture
  • Make small adjustments to the angle of your subject and align it with the film plane
  • Move your subject to isolate it from distracting background or foreground elements
  • Hold a small flag to block light from hitting your lens and causing flare
  • Move your subject into the desired position for lighting (i.e. back-lighting, side-lighting, and front-lighting)