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The Plamp Stake is a device which allows the Plamp II to be secured independently in various ground types. The Plamp Stake consists of two components: the Ground Spike and the Extension Tube. The Ground Spike is a high-quality custom screwdriver. In an extensive search it was found nothing that compared in terms of functionality and cost effectiveness. The spike has been designed for quick and easy placement without the need for a hammer. The Extension Tube is a high grade UV resistant plastic pipe which is designed to hold the spike.

  • Simplicity in design and function
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Travel Friendly (Meets 2014 TSA Guidelines)
  • Doubles as a slotted head screwdriver
  • Extension acts as a storage sheath for the spike
  • Easily inserted into a variety of ground types including rocky soil
  • Eliminates vibration transmission from camera to subject held in Plamp
  • Allows deliberate positioning of reflectors independent of tripod or other available anchors

Plamp Ground Spike

The Ground Spike is a custom-designed screwdriver, designed specifically to serve as the anchor for the Plamp Stake. It's high-strength steel shank and ergonomic handle allows you to penetrate even the toughest ground without damaging it. A slotted screw allows you to adjust how tightly the handle fits into the socket of the Extension Tube. Ground spike can be used by itself or in conjunction with the Extension Tube to add more height.

Plamp Extension Tube

The Extension Tube is a rigid plastic tube with a flared end that fits snugly on the handle of the Ground Spike. Multiple extensions may be connected in series to achieve the desired height. (Each one adds about 10" of height.)

Stow-Away Design

For Storage, simply reverse the ground spike. This makes the unit more compact and keeps the debris stuck to the spike contained in a protective sheath.


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