Ledgo 126 LED On-Camera Ring Light

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Designed to fit on your shotgun microphone, the Ledgo 126 LED On-Camera Ring Light helps by saving space on your rig. Rather than just one accessory occupying your shoe mount, you can have both your light and microphone right on top of your camera without resorting to y-brackets or shoe extensions. In this configuration, you can light your subject from the front and capture audio on-axis simultaneously. The LEDs in the Ring Light are arranged in a circular formation to create round catch-lights instead of the usual rectangular or square catch-lights from other kinds of on camera lights. An articulating shoe mount is included if you want to attach your Ring Light to your camera like a conventional LED panel.

Shotgun Microphone Mount

Instead of being for the lens, the ring in the center of the light allows you to mount the Ring Light on your shotgun microphone when a windscreen is attached.

0-100% Dimming

You can dim the Ring Light's output from full brightness down to zero in order to match the surrounding light and achieve correct exposure in challenging scenes.

Bright Output

The 1600 Lux output at 3' provides enough light to isolate your subject from a dark background or provide additional light to fill shadows.

Rechargeable Battery Plates

Included with the ring light is an adapter for Panasonic CGR-D and Sony NP-F series rechargeable batteries.

AA Battery Box Adapters

Use readily available AA batteries with your Ring Light when rechargeable batteries or AC power is not available.

3 Piece Filter Kit Included

The Ring Light includes three filter rings to modify the light output. A 3200K tungsten filter to match the color temperature of indoor lighting and two levels of diffusion soften the light removing hard shadows that can sometimes occur with LED lights.


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