Sony Flash to Standard Hot Shoe

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Vello's Hot Shoe Adapter - Converts Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe to Standard Hot Shoe + PC Socket allows you to use standard hot shoe mount flashes (or other accessories) on cameras using the Sony/Minolta type hot shoe (not for newer Sony MIS type shoe). Because some Sony cameras use a proprietary hot shoe, standard hot shoe accessories can't be used on them - until now.

In addition, this adapter allows you to add a PC connection to any camera or flash that does not come with a built-in PC sync connection, while still retaining the existing hot shoe functionality (manual mode only, non-TTL).


  • This adapter does not support TTL flash operation. 
  • This adapter does not fit Sony MIS (Multi-Interface Shoe) type cameras 
  • This adapter does not provide high-voltage sync protection, and is not recommended for use with flash units that have a trigger voltage of more than 6V.


  • Converts Sony hot shoe to standard hot shoe
  • Adds PC socket to cameras or flash that don't have one built in