Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash For Nikon DSLRs

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The Nikon i-TTL compatible Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash, with a Guide Number of 198 (ISO 100 in feet at 105mm), provides photographers with the power needed to light up a wide variety of shooting situations. It provides an easy-to-read, two-way color display which helps ensure intuitive operations. The Mark II has been upgraded from the previous model, with a re-designed zoom head that's "whisper quiet", a metal foot for the mount, and a flash tube with increased heat tolerance. The fill-in subflash power ratio range has been increased, now offering a range from 1/1 to 1/128, and the range of the wireless sensor has been improved.

The Mark II also has auto-rotation so it stays upright even when turned for vertical framing. It features the "MY TTL" mode for adjustable default level, and a manual motor zoom of 24-105mm. It is designed with clip-on capabilities, built-in wide-angle diffuser and catch-light reflector for added versatility. It's powered by four (4) LR6 rechargeable batteries, (Lithium, NiMH or Oxyride--not included), and when it is operated with a Nissin Power Pack Pro 300 (not included), users have 300 full-power flashes. It boasts a recycling time of about 3.5 seconds.

The Di866 is a high-powered flash unit, great for serious photographers who will appreciate its features.

  • Wireless TTL
  • Adjustable TTL default level
  • Auto rotation view color display
  • High Speed Synchronization (HSS)
  • External auto-exposure sensor
  • Multi AF assist light
  • Eight F-stops, from F2 to F22 with compensation capability
  • Fill-in sub-flash
  • External auto-exposure sensor
  • Multiple focus points are supported
  • Sub-flash fill-in while the main flash turns for bounce lighting
  • High voltage power pack yields recycle time less than 1 sec
  • MY TTL level setting
  • Battery Magazine quick loading system
  • Built-in Wide Angle Diffuser
  • Built-in Catch-light Reflector
  • Quick battery loading with original battery magazine
  • Eight F-stops, from F2 to F22 with compensation capability
  • FP flash function synchronizes to all high shutter speed over 1/250sec
  • 315V high voltage power series connector
  • Firmware update service via USB port
  • Comes with full Nissin USA warranty


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