Savage 700W Bi-Color LED Studio Light Kit

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Made for basic photography or videography, cataloging or ecommerce, the 700W Bi-Color LED Studio Light Kit from Savage Universal contains everything you'll need for a small studio or location shooting. The kit includes two umbrella sockets with stand mounts. Two dimmable 35W LED bulbs, each with output equivalent to a 350W tungsten fixture are provided. The bulbs have color that's variable from 3200 to 5600K to match other fixtures or ambient light conditions. Detachable blue domes are included for creative effects. Both dimming and color temperature can be adjusted wirelessly at distances up to 50' with the included remote control. The bulbs have a high CRI rating of 90, indicating an accurate rendition of color.

The kit's two 33" translucent umbrellas are provided to soften and widen the light output. You can shoot with the umbrellas in standard bounce mode or turn them around and point the convex side at your subject for slightly higher contrast in "shoot-through" mode. The kit is supported by two 6' light stands and it all fits in the kit's padded carrying bag.


3000 lumens at 3.28' (1.0 m) at 5600K
2800 lumens at 3.28' (1.0 m) at 4200K
2400 lumens at 3.28' (1.0 m) at 3200K