Rogue Photographic Design 2-in-1 Collapsible Reflector 20 x 40",

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Contents: 1 20x40 inch (50 cm x 100cm) collapsible reflector. Rogue 2 in 1 Super Soft Silver collapsible reflectors produce a softer, more pleasing, and less directional light than shiny silver reflectors, especially when used with bright light sources. We designed our own custom Super Soft Silver fabric to make a better reflector. Super Soft Silver provides just the right balance between white and shiny silver reflective surfaces. Our collapsible reflectors are also more durable. We apply a thick coating of Super Soft Silver to a heavier base fabric, then stitch it to the spring steel frame with heavier grade spandex. We selected these heavier fabrics for our reflectors because they will hold up better over time. The Natural White surface of our 2 in 1 reflectors provides a natural fill light without the bluish tint commonly produced by other white reflectors. We accomplished this by designing our Natural White fabric without the use of optical brighteners, chemicals added to white fabrics that reflect blue light more efficiently than light in the rest of the visible spectrum.