Westcott Q22012A Spiderlite TD6 Daylight 12-Inch x 36-Inch Stripbank Kit - 1200 watts (Black/Silver))

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The Westcott 1200W Spiderlite TD6 Daylight 12" x 36" Stripbank Kit comes in at an amazing value for any portrait photographer. Looking for that great addition to your current studio or building a new one, the Spiderlite TD6 paired with the Stripbank is a necessity to any photographer's studio. When using all 6 of the included daylight balanced fluorescent lamps provides 1200-watts of output. Westcott custom produces our bulbs to provide an accurate 5500K and a CRI of 90+. Not only are fluorescent lamps energy efficient they also generate very little heat making your shooting environment more comfortable. The Spiderlite TD6 has an all metal construction and comes equipped with a built in adapter ring. When you combine the light, lamps and the extremely high quality 12" x 36" Stripbank, you get the perfect rim, accent or hair light!