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180Mm F3.5 APO Macro IF HSM For Canon EF

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This high performance telemacro lens can focus from infinity to full 1:1 lifesize reproduction without accessories. Convenient for photographing subjects which are not easily approached, the 180mm f/3.5 Macro features apochromatic design, two SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements & a floating inner focus system. A focus limiter switch aids in faster AF by restiricting the movement of the focusing mechanism to a smaller portion of its enormous range. Usable with Sigma's 1.4X EX teleconverter as a 252mm f/4.9 lens providing AF function from infinity to about 47" or with the 2X EX teleconverter as a 360mm f/7 lens in manual focus.

Hyper Sonic Motor for quiet & smooth autofocus with fulltime manual focus override
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