Marumi DHG Neutral Density ND64 Filter 55mm

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This is the Marumi DHG Neutral Density ND64 Filter 55mm [DHG55ND64]

Digital camera CCD andcmOS convert the lights into electric signals. This is the reason why lens' inner reflection, flare, ghost and some other phenomenon rise and result in interior quality of picture quality. The DHG series can minimize these phenomenon and maximize the performance of your lens. DHG ND filter can reduces the light volume without changing colour balance and you can intentionally control shutter speed and aperture value. It employs ultra-thin frame which prevents vignetting.

Four ND filters are available for use in different scenarios, for example, to create a dynamic expression by a long exposure, and to prevent blown out highlights caused by overexposure. The following shows the light volume, equivalent exposure value and density of the filters in the Marumi ND range

  • DHG ND8 1/8 3 stops 0.9
  • DHG ND16 1/16 4 stops 1.2
  • DHG ND32 1/32 5 stops 1.5
  • DHG ND64 1/64 6 stops 1.8


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