Pre-Owned Leica IIIC K GREY (1941-1942) (SN#:389067K) (Total made: 20,550) w/50mm F/3.5 Lens (1942) (SN#584367) (Total made:1,000)

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This item is a Leica IIIC K GREY from 1941-1942  (Total made: 20,550) (SN#:389067K) with a Elmar 50mm F/3.5 Lens (SN#:584367) (1942) (Total made: 1,000.) 

The camera body overall is clean and in fair condition. There are cosmetic scratches and rub marks on the top and bottom of the body. The coating is faded around the edges on the top and bottom. The viewfinder is in good condition with fading on around the viewfinder. The rubber on the body has cracks on the back and on the side. The curtains are in good working condition. There is no "K" in the curtains. The lens is in good condition and the optics are in good working condition. The lens chamber is a bit loose. The leather case has signs of cosmetic wear and tear. The leather has cracks and scratches . The stitching is in good condition. The strap is in working condition, it has signs of wear, minor cracks and fading. The winding wheel at the bottom of the case is is good condition. The camera is overall is in working condition. See pictures for more details.

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  • Leica IIIC K (1941-1942) w/50mm F/3.5 Lens
  • Leather case
  • Strap
  • 200 day warranty