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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Guide to Digital SLR Photography - If you own a Digital Rebel XT, then you're planning to do more than just take the occasional snapshot. You're serious about photography.

As an avid photographer, you owe it to yourself to make the most out of your cutting-edge equipment. You want to conquer the features of your Digital Rebel XT and you also want to take amazing photographs - and you want to do both now! Welcome to the guide that can lead you to each of these goals.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Guide to Digital SLR Photography provides you with a concise guide to the most important features specific to your Digital Rebel XT, explaining not only how to use them but also why and when.

Filled with full-color images to illustrate results at various settings, this book also helps you enhance your digital photography skills with techniques specific to the EOS Digital Rebel XT.

  • One of the first books on the market to specifically cover the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
  • A full-color book full of images that clearly outline each lesson
  • Written by a working photographer and best-selling author


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