Nikon Z - 35mm f/1.4 Lens (Nikon Z)

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Bright and Versatile Walkaround Lens
With a natural wide angle of view and a bright maximum aperture, the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4 Lens from Nikon is a storyteller's walkaround lens. Lightweight and easy to carry, the lens brings low-light versatility, shallow depth of field, and edge-to-edge clarity to photo and video applications in any environment.
Wide-Angle Flexibility and f/1.4 Speed
  • The naturally wide 35mm focal length is well-suited for the street, the salon, landscapes, and architectural subjects. It also excels as an avenue for environmental portraits and other documentary applications.
  • The lens's fast, f/1.4 maximum aperture unlocks faster shutter speeds in low-light conditions and produces a painterly bokeh, transforming background objects into compositional elements.
  • The minimum focusing distance of 10.6" allows users to get close to their subjects with sharp focus while still benefitting from selective focus techniques.
  • The 9-blade diaphragm also contributes to the lens's bokeh effects while its optical design, featuring two aspherical elements, enables its smaller size and helps minimize distortions.
Video Workhorse
The lens's lightweight design is also optimized for video and is balanced along its axes for use with gimbals and cages. Again, the versatile angle of view and close working distance benefit the full range of a shot list, from close-ups to establishing shots. An STM stepping motor suppresses focus breathing and delivers fast and quiet autofocus that won't interrupt audio gathering. Additionally, you can customize the clickless control ring to quietly adjust the aperture or ISO during recording.
Body and Design
Compact at 3.5" long and lightweight at less than a pound, the design promotes comfortable and intuitive handling with a knurled control ring and a rubber-coated focusing right. The lens body is also resistant to both dust and water.


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