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Pre-Owned - Nikon N90s film camera Body only

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The Nikon N90s is a professional camera with a great layout of the controls as well as the prerequisite fast, accurate autofocus. While not quite as talented AF as in the F5 or F100, it is still certainly of professional competence, and for many the small sacrifice here is still worth a large economic benefit. The impressive AF system is matched by the N90s evaluative 3D matrix metering as well as the fill flash which senses the subject's depth for better exposures. Another fantastic feature that the N90s shares with its F5 & F100 brethren is the ability to connect the shooting data, camera controls & custom settings to your computer. The Nikon Photo Secretary Software is so sophisticated that it can even evaluate the performance of your N90s as a self-diagnostic tool. The MF-26 can imprint the date, time, frame number, shutter speed & aperture setting upon the image area. It also acts as an interval timer, allowing for 3 to 19 exposures of various lengths to be preprogrammed. Other features include flash bracketing, multiple exposure & freeze focus function.



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