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Pre-Owned - Nikon 50MM F/2.8 EL-Nikkor Enlarging Lens

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Capturing your image on film is only part of the challenge. If your darkroom equipment doesn't perform, your efforts could be wasted. Only EL-Nikkor enlarging lenses offer Nikon's unmatched optical technology. Constructed of Nikon's own optical glass, EL-Nikkor lenses are corrected for chromatic aberration beyond the visible spectrum into near ultraviolet wavelengths - wavelengths to which photographic papers are particularly sensitive/ Through the use of special optical glass and matching optical coatings, EL-Nikkor lenses are designed for ultraviolet transmission in the 350 to 450 range. This means EL-Nikkor enlarging lenses can be used for color separation in addition to all other enlarging applications. EL-Nikkor lenses are also front-threaded to accept screw-in accessories, and can be used for exceptional small-object photography when mounted on a bellows. FEATURES: * Minimum F/stop: 16 * Standard magnification: 8x * Magnification range: 2x-20x * Covering power: 41 degrees * Format size: 24x36mm

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  • Nikon 50mm F/2.8 EL-Nikkor Enlarging Lens
  • Front lens cap
  • 200 day warranty


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