Powershot ELPH 510 HS Digital Camera (Silver)

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The PowerShot ELPH 510 HS Digital Camera from Canon is a slender 12.1Mp point-and-shoot that goes beyond making picture taking easier. Of course, you can just point the 510 at your subject and click for a great photo, but Canon gave this PowerShot multiple other functions to refine and enhance your creativity so you enjoy taking photos without hassle or frustration.

With features and technologies like Touch AF, Smart Shutter, Face Detection and Touch Shutter it'll be easier to capture the photos you want without even pressing the same old shutter release button. Touch Shutter allows you to capture photos by simply touching and releasing the 3.2" LCD screen. For more accurate photos you can use the Touch AF function that can even track a target you choose by pressing on the screen where they are. Face Detection and Smart Shutter will even take photos whenever someone you've registered with the camera steps into the frame.

Other than the ease-of-use these features provide, possibly the greatest feature of this camera is its long 12x zoom lens with the 35mm equivalent of a 28-336mm focal length. You can zoom out to shoot an entire dinner table of friends and family, or zoom in on your child from across the field as they kick the game-winning soccer goal--all from the same little camera.

With its 12.1 megapixel image sensor this little camera is still able to capture poster-sized images at a maximum 4000 x 3000 resolution. This gives you the flexibility to enlarge or crop any section of your image for printing or sharing online. Digital Image Stabilization ensures those images are as sharp as possible and not blurred due to low lighting, holding the camera away from you, or aiming at a moving subject.

View your images on the beautiful, rich PureColor LCD screen and enjoy the added convenience of touch screen navigation. Add even more interactivity with the camera using the Active Display. For example, the playback function can be activated by tapping or tilting the camera down in order to advance through pictures.

12.1MP CMOS Sensor

Capture minute details in the snow and the textures of a coral reef with the camera's 12.1 megapixel resolution imaging sensor, making your images rich and clear even out to the long end of the optical zoom. Having a high resolution 1/2.3" CMOS sensor is ideal when you plan to create large prints, and also provides the flexibility to blow up and crop sections of an image when you wish to alter the composition.

28-336mm Equivalent Lens with 12x Optical & 4x Digital Zoom

For a camera this small, its 12x Optical Zoom has the 35mm equivalent of a huge 28-336mm telephoto lens, and is the most powerful lens found in Canon's A-Series. It gives you a huge range of potential images from any location, even standing still, which is excellent for sporting events when you can't move around, or times when getting in too close would disrupt the scene you're trying to capture. At the other end, the lens's 28mm wide-angle perspective allows you to capture more scenery and environment in every frame for dynamic and exciting shots.

3.2" Rear LCD Screen with Touch Shutter

As large as some DSLR screens, the bright 3.2" touch panel LCD not only provides a larger, clearer screen but also the ability to shoot images by touch. Canon's Touch Shutter technology allows you to release the shutter by holding your finger over the subject you want in focus, and then lift your finger to snap the photo. If you touch the desired subject on the screen an AF box will appear and follow them in the frame. Having a larger screen also helps you compose images better, and provides a wealth of important information about the shot as you capture it via the crisp color user interface.

Pure Color System LCD

Many LCD screens have used a striped arrangement of dots that works great for text and menus, but is not ideal for images. The PureColor System LCD uses a delta arrangement of dots, which works better for the organic nature of photos and videos, allowing you to review your images with exceptional clarity with rich, true-to-life color. The PureColor System LCD is also ultra-durable to withstand heavy use in all sorts of conditions. Just as importantly, it offers clarity you won't find elsewhere. Outdoors in sunlight, color is faithfully reproduced, while a high contrast ratio ensures that you'll see exactly what you're shooting from any viewing angle. This makes it easy to frame shots quickly in tight situations.

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

This PowerShot camera houses Canon's DIGIC 4 Image Processor to power its advanced systems and features. This ensures fast and reliable performance without sacrificing battery life. Features such as high-speed continuous shooting, Full HD video capture and Blink Detection are all made possible thanks to its fast processing speed and efficient design.

Canon HS System

Beautiful low-light shots are possible with minimal noise and maximum detail in highlights and shadows. This HS system is the result of two technologies brought together in PowerShot cameras: a high-sensitivity imaging sensor to capture more light, and a DIGIC Image Processor to reduce noise and processing time. The CMOS sensor incorporates advanced light reception technology that enhances sensitivity. The DIGIC 4 Image Processor provides a major boost in noise reduction, expanding the usable ISO range beyond other PowerShots previously released. The Canon HS System takes the frustration out of low-light shooting, delivering clear, blur-free images.

Intelligent IS Stabilization System

Going beyond Canon's Optical Image Stabilization technology in the lens, Intelligent IS detects and implements the most appropriate camera shake correction methods for any given shooting situation. When shooting still photographs the system automatically selects between Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod image stabilization modes. During HD video capture it automatically chooses among Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod IS modes. Using Intelligent IS you can concentrate on your images and let the camera worry about the most effective IS settings, giving you clearer photos and videos as a result.

Full HD 1080p Video Recording

What's better than capturing brand new home movies of your family? Doing it with an HD camera that fits in your pocket! Shoot Full HD 1080p video anytime, anywhere right from the little digital camera. No longer limited to still images, with a simple push of the dedicated movie button you can record every moment in motion.

100 - 3200 ISO Sensitivity

With a range of sensitivities, it can shoot anywhere from a bright sunny day at the beach, to a dark room lit only by birthday candles - and anywhere in between. Choose ISO 100 when the sun is shining and there is plenty of light around your subject. This will allow you to have sharper and clearer images, with less noise due to the low ISO. When shooting at night or in areas of low light you can quickly turn the ISO up to 3200 and keep shooting despite the lack of ambient light.

Smart AUTO Scenes and Selections

Any photographer can appreciate a camera that removes some of the hassles of capturing beautiful images - especially one that is so compact. This digital camera features Smart AUTO: a sophisticated Canon technology that help to make great shots as simple as pressing the shutter button. It will automatically analyze scenes by assessing various factors in both the background and the subject. These scenes are compared using dozens of predefined shooting situations and the camera then makes the optimal adjustments to ensure the best possible image capture when shooting still images. Smart AUTO also incorporates Advanced Subject Detection, which allows the camera to detect and track non-human moving subjects like animals and vehicles. With Smart AUTO, all you'll have to do is aim your shot and let it do the rest.

Face ID, Blink- and Motion-Detection

Face ID gives you an easy way to improve every shot of the people you love and photograph often. Photograph up to 12 faces you would like the camera to remember, then enter their names and ages. Once a person is registered, the camera will pick them out of a group (even against a busy background) and adjust focus and exposure to their face - even when shot to the side in profile. Face ID is particularly great for shots of babies and children. The system can pick your baby out of a group of children, focus on your baby when pictured with an adult, and capture their best smile by taking three successive images once a smile is detected. The flash is even disabled so as not to startle the baby and interrupt the moment. Blink, Motion and Subject Detection also works for those you don't register but merely shoot their photograph. You'll always have the focus right where you want it with these advanced technologies.

High-Speed Burst Mode

With High-Speed Burst Mode, you'll definitely be able to capture the game-winning catch, or the flight of a bird as it takes off. This high speed mode catches the action as it happens, and doesn't miss a thing. Normally it would be over in a blink before you got a single shot off, but thanks to the speed of this camera you won't miss at thing.

Movie Digest

Capturing trips and special occasions with a high-quality video "highlight reel" is as easy as switching on the Movie Digest feature. When activated, the feature automatically records the four seconds before each photo you capture as a separate video, then auto-edits them together into a short movie. Played back together, the video clips capture the mood and ambiance of a special day in a way that's completely different from still images. The video is captured in 720p high definition so that it looks smooth and beautifully detailed when played back on your HDTV. With bundled software ImageBrowser EX, you can easily delete any scenes you don't want.

Face Detection and Smart Shutter

Capture better family photos and portraits with Face Detection combined with Smart Shutter. With these the camera will automatically detect the faces in a given frame and choose the proper focus, exposure, flash and white balance for the given scene. Smart Shutter will add convenience and fun to Face Detection because you can set the camera to shoot when someone is detected winking, smiling, or just entering the frame. No more racing to the group photo during a 10 second timer! Simply set it to shoot when you enter the photo and smile back.

Best Image Selection

Make getting great results even easier almost every time you take a picture with Best Image Selection. When you press the shutter release the camera will quickly shoot a series of five images and analyze them for any unwanted facial movements and camera shake. Out of the five taken, the camera will select and save the best one for you.