DxO ONE Digital Camera for Iphone 5,5S,6,6S

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  • Fits iPhone/iPad via Lightning Connector
  • Dedicated iOS App Interface
  • 20.2MP 1" BSI-CMOS Sensor
  • 11.9mm f/1.8 Lens (32mm Equivalent)
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
  • ISO 51200, Shutter Speed to 1/8000 sec.
  • Pivoting Design, Built-In Li-Ion Battery
  • JPG + DNG and DxO SuperRAW
  • Contrast-Detect AF with Face Detection
  • Includes OpticsPro and FilmPack Software

Upping your mobile photography capabilities, the DxO ONE is a sleek digital camera designed for use with your iPhone or iPad. Its compact, take-everywhere form factor incorporates a Lightning connector for attaching to your iOS device, and a dedicated app offers intuitive camera control, image playback, and live view shooting. In regards to imaging, the ONE features a large 20.2MP 1" BSI-CMOS sensor to benefit working in a variety of lighting conditions and enables the SuperRAW capture mode for increased clarity and reduced noise for extreme low-light shooting. Full HD 1080p/30 video recording is also supported as well as the use of shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. and sensitivities to ISO 51200. The wide-angle 32mm f/1.8 equivalent lens also complements working in difficult lighting conditions, as well as enables greater control over depth of field. The ONE is built to expand mobile imaging possibilities while retaining the intuitiveness and efficiency of always having your camera with you.

As a complement to your existing iPhone or iPad, the ONE retains a self-contained design and utilizes an internal lithium-ion battery for power and accepts microSD memory cards for saving your imagery. Dedicated shooting modes, such as Selfie or Sports, can be used in addition to conventional manual exposure modes, and a contrast-detection AF system helps to ensure sharp results with touch-to-focus control accessible via the iOS app.

Designed for Use with iPhone and iPad

The unique, compact form factor of the camera is designed for use with an iPhone or iPad, and connects to the mobile device via its Lightning port. A dedicated app offers intuitive control over camera settings, live view monitoring, image playback, and the ability to save imagery to your mobile device for instant sharing.

The DxO is compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Air 2, Air, mini 3, 2, or iPad (4th gen.), running iOS 8 or later, via the Lightning connector.

20.2MP 1" BSI-CMOS Sensor

A large 20.2MP 1" back-illuminated CMOS sensor offers rich image quality and notable low-light performance, using the same image processing technology found in DxO's software, with extended sensitivity from ISO 100-51200. Shutter speeds are available from 15 to 1/8000 sec. and both manual and automated shooting modes can be used.

Beyond still imagery, the ONE can also record full HD 1080p/30 video as well as HD 720p/120 movies.

SuperRAW and DNG File Formats

By default, the ONE is configured to record in JPG + DNG; resulting in one file for quick web sharing and another with greater latitude for post production. The camera can also record using a proprietary SuperRAW capture mode, which takes four successive images and composites them to gain increased sensitivity and reduced noise to suit extreme low-light shooting. The JPG + DNG shooting mode offers extensive compatibility with image editing applications while the SuperRAW .dxo file format is solely compatible with DxO editing applications.

Wide-Angle Prime Lens

A bright, wide-angle 11.9mm f/1.8 prime lens is incorporated into the sleek design and provides a 32mm equivalent focal length. A six element design employs aspherical elements to reduce chromatic aberrations and distortions in order to produce sharp, clear imagery with high color accuracy.

The fast f/1.8 maximum aperture offers control over depth of field and benefits working in low-light conditions. Shallow depth of field imagery is further complemented by a six-blade diaphragm for a smooth out-of-focus quality.


  • Sleek, portable construction is designed to be used in conjunction with an iPhone or iPad and connects via the mobile device's Lightning port.
  • Lightning connector is collapsible to maintain a sleek form factor when not connected to an iPhone or iPad.
  • +/- 60° pivoting design better supports working from high and low shooting angles as well as front-facing selfie compositions.
  • A built-in sliding lens cover both protects the lens when not in use and turns the camera on when ready to shoot.
  • An OLED touchscreen allows intuitive control over settings when shooting unconnected to an iPhone or iPad.
  • Both a gyroscope and an accelerometer are used to recognize the shooting orientation.
  • Compact form factor is accentuated by a forged aluminum alloy shell for durability.
  • A micro-USB port allows you to connect the ONE to a computer for offloading imagery and also serves as the charging port for the internal battery.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery offers approximately 200 shots per charge.

Other Camera Features

  • Image files can be saved to a microSD memory card as well as transferred directly to the iOS device.
  • A contrast-detection AF system helps to ensure precise focusing as closely as 7.9" away. Face-detection is also available to bias focusing performance on recognized faces within the scene.
  • Single-shot, continuous, and tap-to-focus focusing modes are available.
  • For adjusting your field of view, 3x digital zoom can be used to gain a closer perspective of your subject.
  • Two-stage shutter button allows you to pre-focus and meter prior to making the exposure.
  • Electronic image stabilization is available for video recordings in order to minimize the appearance of handheld camera shake.
  • Selfie mode is automatically detected and starts a 3-2-1 countdown as well as brightens your iPhone/iPad's screen for increased lighting on your face. Camera modes: Auto, Sports, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Program, Aperture Priority, Speed Priority, Manual, and Selfie.
  • Included DxO Software
  • Included with the camera are two versatile software programs for editing your imagery: DxO OpticsPro and FilmPack. OpticsPro lets you intelligently and efficiently process raw files and apply advanced sharpening, de-noise, haze reduction, and smart lighting controls. FilmPack is a creative application that lets you mimic the look of film with your digital images by providing you with numerous distinct looks based on various color transparency, color negative, and black & white negative films.

Software can be redeemed using the iOS app when the DxO ONE is attached.


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