Pentax 6x21 VM WP Monocular Premium Kit

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The Pentax 6x21 VM WP Monocular Premium Kit includes two dedicated accessories that are normally sold separately, to help you get the most out of your monocular right out of the box. This kit includes the monocular, a V-MS1 Macro Stand, and a V-SA1 Smartphone Adapter.

Pentax 6x21 VM WP Monocular

The Pentax 6x21 VM WP Monocular uses phase-correcting roof prism coatings and fully multicoated lenses to produce bright and crisp views, and its design makes it suitable for both long-range and close-up observations.

Its combination of lens and prism coatings minimize reflection and maximize light transmission for a crisp view with true color and enhanced contrast. The 6x magnification is ideal for everything from observing nature on hikes to sightseeing around a new city, as well as getting a better view at concerts and sporting events—and you'll enjoy an expansive field of view. Because the 6x21 VM WP can focus as close as 5 feet away using its rocking focus lever, it's also well suited for making detailed observations of small birds at feeders, insects pollinating plants, or art in museums and galleries that restrict close access to paintings and sculptures.

The long 17.8mm eye relief yields the full field of view to users who wear eyeglasses, and the 3.5mm exit pupil delivers ample light to your eye. Rubber armoring protects the monocular's housing and provides a pleasant, secure grip. This pocket-sized optic weighs just over 5 ounces and fits easily into any pocket, pack, or purse. Since its sealed to an IPX7 rating, you can keep using it if you get caught in a sudden downpour or it gets accidentally dropped in a puddle or shallow stream.

Two optional dedicated accessories further expand its usability. The V-MS1 Macro Stand attaches to the front objective and allows you to convert the monocular into an 18x field microscope with built-in LED illumination for your subject. To document and share what you see, you can use the V-SA1 Smartphone Adapter. It attaches to the rear eyecup and lets you mount just about any phone to capture photos or video through the monocular. You can use each optional accessory separately or together to get the most out of your monocular.

Pentax V-SA1 Smartphone Adapter for 6x21 VM WP Monocular

A dedicated accessory for their 6x21 VM WP monocular, the Pentax V-SA1 Smartphone Adapter allow you to capture photos and videos through the eyepiece for later reference or sharing. You can use this adapter for magnified landscape shots or videos of birds at feeders, or use it in conjunction with the optional macro stand for microscopy work.

Unlike conventional digiscoping adapters that clamp to the eyepiece and suffer from instability at certain angles, this adapter has a bracket that connects to the monocular's 1/4"-20 tripod socket that holds your phone solidly and securely in place. A simple clamp lets you position your phone's camera centered in the eyepiece for maximum effectiveness.

Pentax V-MS1 Macro Stand for 6x21 VM WP Monocular

A dedicated accessory for their 6x21 VM WP monocular, the Pentax V-MS1 Macro Stand installs in front of the objective and converts it into a useful 18x field microscope. Made of clear plastic, it supports the monocular and holds it at the correct distance for achieving sharp focus of your subject. Being clear, it will allow ambient light in from all sides, but if you don't have enough or there are shadows, you can turn on the integrated LED for full and complete illumination.


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