Nissin Air10s Wireless TTL Commander for Pana/Oly

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NAS-compatible flashes and receiver. It can also operate at distances of up to 328' over one of eight channels and with control over up to eight groups. A unique capability of this model is crossover TTL support, allowing users of Micro Four Thirds cameras to work wirelessly, including TTL, with Nissin Air System flashes originally designed for other brands.

An advantage of this Commander is remote control over your flashes settings, including manual power output from 1/1 to 1/256, manual zoom from 24-200mm, and TTL exposure compensation. All of these settings can be seen and set via a color LCD panel. An AF assist beam is available for compatible cameras to help shooters work in low-light conditions. Also, it features a variety of sync settings, including slow, high-speed, 1st, and 2nd curtain sync as well as red-eye reduction on Olympus cameras. And, a microSD card slot can be used for firmware updates.


  • Nissin Air System uses a 2.4 GHz radio to transmit data up to 328' to compatible NAS flashes and receivers.
  • Manual controls for adjusting power from 1/1 to 1/256 and zoom from 24-200mm.
  • TTL flash exposure compensation can be set from ±2 EV in 1/3 EV steps.
  • TTL Memory Function memories exposure from TTL mode and retains this data when switched to manual mode.
  • Open Mode allows multiple Air10s Commanders to pair with the same group of strobes.
  • Crossover support allows for wireless TTL communication between a commander and strobes even if the flashes are designed for different camera systems.
  • Continuous shooting speed of up to 10 fps.
  • Control over flash's modeling light function.
  • Remote shutter release socket.
  • microSD card slot for future firmware updates.


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