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The Nikon 12x50 Action Extreme ATB Binoculars are an ideal optic for boaters who often find themselves scanning the water for shoals, shore, and buoys or just trying to identify obstacles on rough or rolling seas. To help mitigate the disorientation and discomfort often experienced when looking through high-power binoculars on the water, the Action Extreme has a wide field of view and a generous exit pupil that keep the entire scene in view and minimize the movement of the horizon line, plus a comfortable eye relief that provides the room to back the eyes off the eyepieces for a more comfortable viewing position. The traditional Porro prism design, when combined with the over-sized objective lenses, BAK4 prism glass, and anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics, delivers immersive high-contrast views that are bright and sharp, with accurate colors and a rich depth of field so users can differentiate the relative distance between objects in the view—even in low light.

Complementing this optical performance are design details that allow the Action Extreme to withstand the rigors of outdoor life. The Porro prism design has an inherently balanced and comfortable feel in the hand for long-duration observation sessions, and the chassis is wrapped in a rubber armor that provides a sure and reliable grip in cold and wet weather. Their optical tubes are nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof, and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme temperature and environmental conditions. Because of the high magnification and large objectives, hand holding the binoculars for long periods can cause fatigue and excessive hand shake, so Nikon made the tripod mountable for easy and convenient hands-free use. A tethered one-piece ocular rainguard covers the eyecups as they hang around the neck and prevents rain and spraying water from filling them, and the object lens caps can clip onto the neck strap to keep them safe from blowing overboard or being lost on the forest floor.

From the trail, to the range, to the boat, the 12x50 Action Extreme binoculars are engineered to deliver the high-power long-distance performance required by discerning observers—especially boaters and avid outdoor enthusiasts who won't let inclement weather and rough seas keep them at home or in a safe harbor.

Optical Performance

Powerful 12x magnification allows detailed observations of distant subjects on land and sea

Large 50mm objective lenses provide improved low-light performance versus smaller-objective models, ensuring images are bright even in challenging conditions

Traditional Porro prism design makes it comfortable to hold and presents a rich depth of field

High-index BAK4 prisms deliver a round exit pupil and a crisp and clear image with limited edge distortion

Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics produce neutral and accurate color fidelity and improve contrast and image brightness

Wide 60° apparent angle of view minimizes the appearance of visible hand shake and the disorientation often felt when using high-power optics on rough or rolling seas

288-foot field of view at 1000 yards

Use and Handling

Large textured and slip-resistant center fast-focusing knob is easy to manipulate in cold or wet weather or while wearing gloves

Right-eye dioptric correction enables users to compensate for individual optical prescriptions for clearer views; large adjustment lever is easy to find and use

56-72mm interpupillary adjustment range allows use by a wide variety of people

Twist-up/click-stop rubber eyecups for comfortable use with or without eyewear

Tripod mountable with optional adapter that enables hands-free use to eliminate hand shake/vibrations and arm fatigue

Comfortable 16.1mm eye relief helps to reduce eyestrain and improves viewing comfort

4.2mm exit pupil will completely cover most pupils to keep the full scene in view and limit disorientation, even as pupils open and dilate in low light

Construction Details

Environmentally friendly prisms and lenses feature Eco-Glass that is made without lead and arsenic

Protective textured rubber armoring provides a slip-resistant grip in cold or wet weather

Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme changes in temperature and environmental conditions

One-piece tethered ocular rainguard protects eyecups from having water pool into them when hanging from the neck in the rain or from sea spray

Objective lens caps can be clipped to neck strap to avoid losing them during observation sessions

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