Manfrotto MS0490C Carbon Fiber Nanopole Stand (6.5')

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Manfrotto has pushed the envelope on their popular Nano stand with the introduction of the 5-section MS0490C Carbon Fiber Nanopole Stand The stand rises to a maximum height of 6.5', has a minimum working height of 19.7', a stable 39.4" footprint, and can support gear weighing up to 3.3 lb at maximum height mounted onto its 5/8" stud with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads. The stand's reverse-folding leg design allows it to be broken down to just 20" in length, while its weight of just 1.65 lb is sure to make it a favorite of nature and location photographers, as well as backpackers and campers.

These impressive specs might be enough for most stands, but not the MS0490C. The stand has a leveling leg that allows it to be adjusted to center the weight on uneven surfaces such as hills or curbs, or tucked under furniture. Another benefit is the removable center column that can be used as a 5-section boom to hold a light or microphone overhead.

Lightest Nano Stand Ever

The Carbon Nanopole Stand is Manfrotto's lightest Nano Stand ever, tailored to photographers, videographers, and content creators looking for ways to downsize their gear and travel lighter.

Lightweight Trend

Lighting equipment is getting lighter and so are lighting supports.

Ideal for Small Lighting Equipment

Weighing in at only 1.65 lb thanks to its lightweight aluminum base and carbon fiber column, the Carbon Nanopole Stand is the ideal support for small lighting equipment up to 3.3 lb, such as speedlights and LED lights.

Compact Stand Fits Anywhere

The compact folded length of just 20" makes the Carbon Nanopole Stand suitable for carry-on luggage or ideal for those with very limited carrying space. It even slides neatly into the tripod pouch on the side of most camera bags or backpacks.

Leveling Leg

The Carbon Nanopole features a useful leveling leg, allowing the user to maintain a stable vertical lighting support even in challenging environments such as uneven ground.

Multiple Connection Options

This versatile light stand features multiple attachment options including a stainless steel 5/8" spigot with a 3/8"-16 thread, plus a removable 1/4"-20 thread adapter allowing for secure attachment of a wide range of lighting tools.

Removable Center Column

The removable carbon fiber center column features quick release twist locks, and it can be used as a handheld boom to position lights or even a microphone exactly where they are needed.


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