Hoya 77mm RA54 Red Enhancer, Color Intensifier Filter

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This 77mm RA54 Red Enhancer Color, Intensifier Filter from Hoya is designed increase color contrast within an image without unwanted polarization. It is intended to affect specific colors of the visible spectrum passing through it, with an emphasis on wavelengths of light that are responsible for the appearance of red and orange. White and neutral tones are preserved, and this filter's 0.15 density corresponds to a reduction of light from entering a lens by one-half of a stop.

This Hoya filter is constructed from optical glass for increased clarity and features an aluminum-alloy filter ring for durability while remaining lightweight. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of light pollution in images or video that include the night sky and illumination from artificial light sources. This effect can be obtained when this filter is used on a film camera system with daylight film installed or on a digital camera system with its daylight white balance setting selected.

  • Enhances red and orange colors within an image
  • Increases color contrast without unwanted polarization
  • Preserves white and neutral tones
  • Reduces the appearance of light pollution in video or images that include the night sky and minimizes illumination from artificial light sources
  • 1.4x filter factor reduces exposure by one-half of a stop
  • Constructed from optical glass for increased clarity
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum-alloy filter ring with 77mm front filter threads
  • Plastic case for storage and transport