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The black CS-Double for 2-Camera System provides a way to use your two DSLRs without the weight stress normally associated with traditional dual camera straps. First, the straps can serve as a reliable sling-style strap that will hold your cameras securely and comfortably on your hips. Second, as a result of its clever design, the dual strap can provide quick access to your tripod by the use of the Speed Mounting Plates that contain four different sized mounts. If you are a two camera user, this system offers you a reliable and quite functional way to use both cameras, often together, in two different modes - hand-held or tripod mounted.

To use the system, simply attach the mounting plates to the tripod sockets on your cameras and use the included Ball Head Locknut connections that screw into the tripod plates for the strap attachment. In this way, you have dual functionality. If you're walking around with the cameras hanging by your hips and suddenly need to use the tripod, you don't have to disassemble the system since the Speed Mounting Plates remain available.

The system is offset in design and permits the cameras to rest comfortably on your hips without twisting or tangling. The front buckles have easy-to-use three-button quick-releases for when you wish to remove the strap(s). The system comes with extra wide shoulder pads that help with weight distribution.

In addition, the system comes with Carry Speed's Uni-Strap/Hand Straps that can be used to support smaller or mid-sized cameras. When you wish to use the Uni-Strap, all you need do is remove a Speed Mounting Plate, install the Ball Head Connector and attach your strap and you're ready to go.

  • Excellent solution for carrying two cameras
  • Original offset hanging design - camera hangs evenly at your hip; won't tangle
  • Tripod mount ready design - plate has four mounting positions
  • Detachable, extra wide shoulder pads
  • Three button quick-release buckle
  • Shoulder straps provide better weight distribution - distributed via a plate rather than a knob
  • Uni-Strap / Hand Strap included


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