Cyrill Harnischmacher The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography

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The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography from Rocky Nook is a comprehensive handbook on macro and close-up photography for amateur and experienced photographers alike. Part technical guide, part inspiration, author and photographer Cyrill Harnischmacher offers insights about composition, light, color, camera position, and focus, while showcasing more than 600 images and figures that illustrate the many ways you can capture outstanding macro photographs. The book features do-it-yourself projects as well, offering solutions for everyday shooting as well as for dealing with situation that are unique to macro photography.


Detailed explanations of the concepts behind close-up and macro photography

Equipment, including camera systems, macro lenses, close-up lenses, extension tubes, and reversing rings

Shooting techniques such as high-speed photography using photoelectric sensors, light painting, focus stacking to extend depth of field, panoramic and infrared macros, extended contrast with HDR technology, and multiple exposures

Tackling subject matter both in the field and in the studio

Working creatively with ambient and artificial light

Numerous hands-on shooting tips

Post-processing your macro images