Canon Powershot G15 Guide

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 David Busch's Canon Powershot G15 Guide to Digital Photography from Cengage Course Technology is a color illustrated book that takes you through all the basic features and functions of this 12 megapixel camera. Not only will it teach you what all the switches, dials and buttons do, but it will tell you how, where and when to use them to achieve the kind of images you've always wanted. Once you've mastered the setup of the camera, the book delves into file formats, resolution and other advanced topics. The book is accompanied by a G15 Roadmap that is a quick-reference guide to everything covered in the book.


Table of Contents
Your Canon Powershot G15 
Taking your first Canon Powershot G15 photos 
Canon Powershot G15 Roadmap 
Setting up your Canon Powershot G15 
Fine-tuning exposure 
Movie-making with your Canon Powershot G15 
Autofocus and advanced shooting 
Getting the most from your zoom 
Making light work for you 
Downloading and editing your images