Acratech GXP Ballhead with Knob Clamp

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The lightweight 1 lb GXP Ball Head with Knob Clamp from Acratech has a 3-in-1 feature designed to have two more functions other than just your conventional ball head. The Arca-type clamp on the head is removable from its stem, and it is mountable in the reverse to the base of the ball head. With the clamp removed, the ball head's stem has the same 3/8"-16 mount as the base, which includes a reducer bushing. The clamp itself has a single bubble level that allows you to balance and level out the ball. At the same time, you can unlock the independent pan lock and rotate lenses as large as 400mm and equipment weighing up to 50 lb. Together with a laser-engraved numbered scale, you can precisely create panoramic images by turning the ball head at incremental stops.

Converting the head back to a normal functioning ball head, you can increase or decrease the ball's tension via its separate tension control knob. Moving the clamp to a 90° angle enables you to use the head as a gimbal with long telephoto lenses that have tripod feet. The top of the clamp is also laser engraved with a scale, which allows you to balance a telephoto lens when at a 90° angle, and a detent pin located inside the clamp prevents the lens from sliding out if the knob locking mechanism is accidentally opened.