300R W/S Head Only Built-In Wizard

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• Built-in radio sync versions to the popular ComPact series of flash generators. The new line of generator, called ComPactR, matches the earlier 300, 600 and 1200 ws versions, but features also a built-in PocketWizard compatible radio sync, for wireless triggering. 

Radio triggering is a technology that's grown more and more popular over the last years, since it eliminates all the problems that sometimes arise when using traditional sync cable, such as faulty connections or simply people tripping over the cable. 

The ComPact 300 (300Ws) is a self contained unit excellent for portrait light or used as additional light in a variety of set-ups. The most economical unit of the series, capable of full to 1/4 power. 

Building on the successful family of Profoto ComPacts, these models offer the same functionality and exceptional performance with the added benefit of having a PocketWizard receiver built-in. Working on the same principle of the AcuteR models, the ComPact R units have a simple learning mode where they remember the first signal they see during power-up. 

The units hold this memory until they are "taught" a new channel and they are compatible with all 32 PocketWizard channels. They can be triggered at a range of over 300 feet using any PocketWizard transmitter. 

Profoto 900941 Features

  • Built-in PocketWizard 32-channel receiver, Fully compatible with all PocketWizard Transmitters.
  • Integrated generator / lamp head assembly.
  • Accepts all Profoto Light Shapers.
  • Stepless output adjustment with the bracketing dial.
  • Proportional modeling light.
  • Fan-cooled.
  • Edison E27 (standard household) socket on ComPact 300R and ComPact 600R for modeling lamps.
  • Switchable acoustic signal "beeps" when unit is fully recycled.
  • Interchangeable glass covers to warm or cool and soften or sharpen the light.
  • Multi-voltage capability: 90-130V (60Hz) and 180-260V (50Hz).
  • Consistent light output.
  • Built-in photocell slave sync.
  • UV-coated flashtube included.


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