The Goldschlagers Carpet Laptop Bag13''-Gr/Green

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Like CGI ninjas in a B-grade chop-socky, your bag or briefcase is teeming with nasties ready to scratch, scrape, scrawl and smudge the shine right off your bootiful 13-inch lappie. So shield it with Goldschlager’s Carpet, a slim jim jiffy bag style padded poota prophylactic. Empty, it lays wafer flat. In use, its gusseted sides rise to the challenge, safe-housing devices thick and thin, plus the odd sheaf of A4 paperwork if needs be. All the while maintaining a distinctly low profile. Inside, the Goldschlager is all soft and huggie brushed padded polyester. Outside, its made of rugged, water resistant 300D Rip-stop, and features an over-scaled, zipper gripper combo for easy peasy retrieval from the bowels of your baggery. SHAPE-SHIFTING GUSSET Fat ones, thin ones, Goldschlager’s Carpet doesn’t care. In this shape-shifting house of high-tech worship, all 13-inch lappies are accommodated and all are cosseted in gusseted, brushed padded polyester comfort. OVERSIZED ZIPPER GRIPPER Don’t have a 13-inch hand span? Never fear, the Goldschlager’s oversized #10 zipper is here to help you handle one-handed extractions from your briefcase or bag. WATERPROOFING MEASURES Although designed to sit inside other luggage, the Goldschlager’s Carpet more than holds its own in the elements. Be it rain, hail, sleet, snow, beer or mixed drinks, its 300D Rip-stop outer will weather the storm and keep your lappie as dry as a nun’s gusset. ANTI-ABSRASIVE SURFACES The 300D Rip-stop outer and brushed padded polyester lining combine phenomenal strength with exceptional smoothness and malleability. Clothes don’t catch. Cargo inside or outside don’t get scratched. BUILT TOUGH Designed to outlast its lifetime guarantee, the sleeve features a super strength water resistant 300D Rip-stop outer, brushed padded polyester lining, bound edging and bonded nylon thread with reinforced stitching on all stress points.