MindShift Gear rotation180° Travel Away Backpack (Twilight Blue)

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Featuring a 2-in-1 lightweight design, the twilight blue rotation180° Travel Away Backpack from MindShift Gear has two upper compartments for general storage, and a lower one with a rotating beltpack for items you want quick-access to. The front compartment has a rear wall with two slip-in pockets for a 15" laptop and 10" tablet. The opposite side has one large, clear, zippered pocket for smaller items. Between these walls is room for your clothing, snacks, and related items. The rear compartment can hold a variety of personal items such as travel guides, DVDs, and magazines. The front wall features two slip-in pockets for chargers, flashlights, and other essential items.

The beltpack, which may also be worn separately for shorter excursions, is comprised of three zippered compartments. The center compartment has two slip-in pockets, one for an 8" iPad mini, and the other for a cellphone, wallet, and other small items. Next to these pockets is room for a large point-and-shoot camera. Smaller side compartments, one on each side, are for sunglasses, energy bars, sunscreen, and other items you want to keep handy.

When you want to retrieve an item from the beltpack, simply reach back, lift the flap on the pack, and rotate the beltpack from back to front. Then unzip one of the compartments, and select what you need. When you're done, reverse the process, and continue on your way.

For comfort, the backpack features a breathable, padded harness with a removable and adjustable sternum strap. Closest to your back is a curved, thick, padded, nylon mesh for cushioning and wicking away moisture. Backpack stability, is buttressed by a single aluminum stay. When not worn, the backpack may be carried or hung by its top handle.

Top Zippered Compartments

Front for laptop, tablet, and personal items
Rear for books, magazines, gloves, and smaller items

Backpack Interior Pockets

Front compartment: 2 slip-in pockets for 15" laptop and 10" tablet
1 clear, zippered pocket for smaller items
Rear compartment: 2 slip-in, stretch pockets for chargers, cables, and other items

Backpack Exterior Pocket

Stretchable side pocket for a water bottle
Lower Compartment with Side Flap
For stowing rotating beltpack

Rotating Beltpack

May be worn separately in front or as a lumbar pack in back

Beltpack Center Compartment

Zippered compartment with padding for large point-and-shoot camera, maps, passport and wallet
Slip-in pocket for up to 8" tablet
Second slip-in pocket for cellphone, pens and other small items

Beltpack Side Compartments

Two zippered compartments – one on each side:
For holding a compact mirrorless camera, sunglasses, energy bars, sunscreen, and other small items


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