Hadley Digital (Fibrenyte Sage/Tan)

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The Hadley Digital is manufactured to carry a DSLR with a standard lens attached. Depending on the size of your camera, it can be loaded with the grip facing up at you under the flap or with the lens pointing down into the bag.
All Hadleys feature the quick release system to which we have added solid brass buckles. The QRS allows you to open and close the bag quickly and securely and the buckles allow you to fine tune the fit of the front pockets. For instance, if you have really packed in some bulky gear into one front pocket, you can just let out that side’s buckle to suit. Other common features across the range are a padded inner lid over the main compartment to help keep out rain or snow and a sculpted main flap which protect the bags contents from adverse weather conditions.

The fully adjustable shoulder sling is sewn under a leather side pacth, which provides the facility to attach our AVEA side pockets. The AVEA03 is the nicest looking fit as they are slimmer and match the side profile of the Hadley Digital. However, the AVEA05's will also fit if you need extra room and are less concerned with aesthetics. The Photo Hadley Digital has fast become a firm favourite in our line over the past 12 months.