Camera Safety Tether

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This is the Tether Kit for BlackRapid Camera System. It provides additional security for your camera while it's hanging by your waist. The triangular connector on the safety tether threads to one of your camera's strap lugs. The other end of the safety tether connects to the BlackRapid CR-2 swivel hook that is already mounted to the FR-3 mounted into the tripod socket of your camera. For shooting convenience, it is recommended that you attach the tether to the opposite lug of your camera's grip. The black and gold carabiners which are provided in the kit can be connected to your belt and then attached to the strap. Both components provide added security while you're on the go.

The advantage of supplying two tethers is that one camera can be around your neck while the other is waiting in your gear bag for rapid attachment to your BlackRapid strap. The Tether Kit includes two small adjustable safety tethers, and two carabiners; one black, one gold. There is also a mesh storage pouch for all the components that also be used to hold a cell phone or similar sized item.