Fotodiox GoTough - Green 20mm Extender with Pivot Arm for GoPro

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Fotodiox Pro introduces the GoTough Extender, an all-metal mount for your GoPro camera. Perfectly compatible with all GoPro accessories and mounts. Precision made from industrial grade aluminum, GoTough gear is much more durable than the equivalent plastic accessories while still remaining lightweight. Plus, the tightening thread is built in, so no more losing those acorn nuts! The Extender is the perfect size to add an extra pivot point to your GoPro rig, or for those times you need that extra inch. Every time you add an accessory arm to your GoPro setup, it turns your camera 90 degrees - sometimes your camera ends up facing the wrong way. The Extender adds an extra inch of length to your camera setup without changing the direction of your camera.


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