Tether Tools JerkStopper USB Cable Support (3-Pack)

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Sold as a 3-pack, the JerkStopper USB Cable Support from Tether Tools is a tool to prevent cord and cable damage. The Jerkstopper device plugs into the USB port of a device to provide an anchor point. The other end wraps around a cord to allow slack and help prevent stress and dislodging. By removing cord and cable stress, the JerkStopper ensures plugs stay in place protecting them from damage. The JerkStopper can be plugged into an available USB Port on a laptop, desktop or other device and holds a standard A/C power cord or other cable with a 3.5 - 8.5 mm diameter.

  • Provides anchor support allowing slack in the cord preventing stress, dislodging and damage
  • Plugs directly into a USB port
  • Holds a standard A/C power cord or a cable with a 3.5 - 8.5 mm diameter