Ztylus RV-2 Revolver Lens Attachment for ZIP-5S iPhone 5/5S Case

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Circular Polarizer If you love blue skies and green grass. The CPL Filter removes glare, Improves contrast, and color saturation. Capture images that are true to life.

  • A polarizing filter or polarizing filter is often placed in front of a camera lens
  • Wide Angle Lens Virtually double your field of view using the wide angle lens. Most Smart Phones offer a fixed focal distance, and although you can digitally 'zoom in', it's not possible to 'zoom out' for a wider field of view.
  • Super Macro Unscrew the wide angle lens to reveal Super Macro. Get close, we mean very very close. The Macro Lens applies roughly a 10X multiplier so you can see and capture tiny details like never before. Otherwise not possible with the lens built
  • Extreme FishEye Capture photos with an extreme 160 degree field of view. A fisheye lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image


  • All new 4 in 1 RV-2 Revolver Apple iPhone Lens Attachment comes with a sleek design and superior optics, which adds a world of versatility to the camera I always have close at hand.