EVF3 Electronic Viewfinder For D-LUX6

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The EVF3 Electronic Viewfinder from Leica is specifically compatible with the Leica D-LUX 6 digital camera. It is an electronic viewfinder that offers a live view image in order to compose your shot in the manner of a DSLR camera. A resolution of 1.4 million pixels provides sharp and bright images, especially helpful when shooting in bright sunlight where composing on the LCD monitor creates strong reflections. The high resolution viewfinder will improve focusing, composition and shooting stability with the D-LUX 6.

The EVF3 attaches to the hot shoe mount on the D-LUX 6 and offers a 90º tilt for more comfortable viewing when shooting on a tripod or from waist-level. A soft rubber eye-piece for comfort and diopter compensation for users with eye glasses round out the features of this accessory which transforms the compact D-LUX 6 into a more practical and advanced camera. 

Fits Leica D-LUX 6 Digital Camera
Provides sharp and bright Live View image with 1.4 Million Pixel resolution.
Offers 90º tilt for improved viewing when used on tripod or at waist-level. 
Diopter Compensation for eye-glass users
Rubber eye-piece for comfort
Mounts to camera's hot shoe


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