Sirui 3T-15 Tabletop Tripod with B-00 Ball Head (Black)

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Sirui 3T-15K Overview

A nice addition to your camera bag, the black 3T-15 Tabletop Tripod with B-00 Ball Head from Sirui is a compact and portable 13.6 oz support with a load capacity of 11 lb. The compact and portable tabletop tripod is ideal for shooting at low angles or for macro photography. The tripod has two variable leg angles, which are controlled by turning the mounting platform counterclockwise until it clicks. This places the legs at a high angle, so the tripod reaches a maximum height of 4.53". Then, turn the platform clockwise to place the legs at a low angle, which are at a minimum height of 2.2".

The Arca-type-compatible B-00 ball head includes the TY-C10 QR plate, which is released by unlocking the locking knob and pressing the safety release button. It can tilt 90° for vertical shots, rotate a full 360°, and lock into place with a separate lock for each movement. In addition, each leg has a pre-cut slot that works in combination with the binding strap, which loops through each slot, so it allows the tripod to attach to a branch, railing, or pipe.


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