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As part of the Gitzo Reporter - Series 2, the GT2941L Long Basalt Tripod is a 4-section tripod that is capable of holding a pro digital or 35mm SLR camera with a pro telephoto zoom lens (e.g. 70-200mm), medium format up to 6x6, a consumer camcorder, or a spotting scope.

Created from volcanic rock, Gitzo has utilized the volcanic-based basalt to develop tripods of exceptional performance, stability, and durability. The basalt, a black lightweight rock, is pulverized, melted at extreme temperatures (2732° F), combined with other materials and then spun into a strong fiber, which is used to create multi-layer composite tubing. The result is a non-rotating tube of exceptional performance that meets the demands of today's professional photographers.

Basalt tripods are more durable and better at absorbing vibrations than aluminum models with similar dimensions. These legs are tougher than aluminum, yet they are 20% lighter.

ALR Anti-Leg Rotation
The ALR design allows the tripod to be opened in less than 15 seconds by simply loosening all the twist locks on each leg at the same time, then pulling the leg down and tightening the twists individually.
G-Lock Design
The G-Lock mechanism has been completely redesigned in order to achieve a 20% increase in rigidity, faster operation and stronger, safer locking. G-Lock's special design also provides a "gravity lock" effect: the higher the load applied vertically to the leg, the stronger the lock.
Reversible & Anti-Rotation Center Column
The anti-rotation center column locking collar above the tripod shoulder makes it easier to adjust the column quickly, and is reversible for improved low-angle work.
Performance Design
Performance design allows the legs to be set individually at 24°, 55° and 90° to cover every angle you want to shoot.
Improved Mounting Disc
The upper disc is made of a special polymer that maximizes locking performance.
Ground-Level Set
This feature allows you to remove the center column to save weight and get the camera closer to the ground. The upper disk is removed from the center column and inserted directly into the upper casting using the column hook. No tools required.
Spring-Loaded Retractable Hook
Redesigned built-in, spring-loaded retractable hook on the bottom of the center column provides a place to hang a stabilizing counterweight such as camera, sand or water bags. Its retractable design makes sure clothing does not get caught on it, and makes it possible to get even closer to the ground.