VR-System PRO Panarama System

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The Novoflex Panorama VR-System Pro II is a versatile professional system for creating panoramic photos (up to 360°) without perspective offset, by allowing the camera to pivot vertically and horizontally around the nodal point of the lens (a printed instructional manual is included). It's designed for multi-row panoramas in perspective-corrected flat or spherical projection, but is equally capable of creating classic single-row cylinder panoramas just as easily.

This system includes two panorama bases, a focusing rack, an L-bracket, a clamping plate, a spirit level for flash shoe, and a printed instructional manual.

This system allows you to produce all varieties of panorama--spherical panoramas, perspective-corrected flat panoramas or classic cylindrical panoramas--even when heavy professional DSLR cameras are used.

  • Can be used for spherical panoramas, perspective-corrected flat pan5oramas or classic cylindrical panoramas
  • Increments of 45° and 60° each, as well as stepless rotation, can be set up
  • Enables horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens with two click-stop panorama bases
  • Allows a complete vertical rotation of the camera
  • A professional D-SLR camera can be used