L-Bracket For Nikon D7000 With MB-D11

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The Kirk L-Bracket for Nikon D7000 with MB-D11 allows you to quickly change the orientation of your Nikon D7000 on its Arca-compatible tripod head when the camera is being used with the MB-D11 battery grip. Simply loosen the clamp, rotate the camera/grip/bracket, and re-clamp. By reorienting while using the L-Bracket, you won't upset your shooting position, and there's no need for the extensive re-leveling that becomes necessary when you tilt most heads 90°.

Note! Bracket blocks D7000 camera's left-side accessory doors.

Machined from a single piece of lightweight 6061TG aluminum
L-Bracket allows the use of a camera strap
Kirk recommends the use of the Nikon ML-L3 Remote Controller with this bracket
1/4"-20 screw for connecting to battery grip
Sensor-centering lines for both horizontal and vertical orientation. These help you position the camera properly within the ball head's Arca-style clamp
Made in the USA